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UBC Prayer Updates for February 23, 2023

Get Well


Joey Reilly Joey has been discharged from the hospital and is now at home with his mom. He will have at-home physical therapy. It will take four to six weeks for his right leg and hip fractures to heal and then they will begin the process of reattaching the ligaments on his left knee. Once again, thank you for your prayers. (Gary and Sol grandson)

 Jim Lenichek from Alaska, who listens to every one of Pastor Olsen's lessons, recently completed successful back surgery. All good.  Next, Jim had successful hip replacement surgery on 2/22/23 and is now home from the hospital. Pain level is low, primarily dealing with swelling.   Your prayers are appreciated.  (Friend of Rich Blair)

John and Ollie Hadfield
John is at home recuperating, and will have stent implants put in in the near future.  Ollie however needs home care assistance; her heart issues have not been resolved yet.  (Susie Hadfield)


Patricia Olds Patricia is still going back and forth at the Mayo Clinic. She is there now, getting more radiation and chemo. Her spirits are good, even with considerable pain. She has been given the gospel. She is grateful for all your prayers and so am I. Many thanks to all you prayer warriors.  (Niece of Frances Cox)


Janell Cassel Janie is doing well getting around at home. Her chemo starts next Tues 2/28 and she will do 6 cycles of 3 weeks each.  Her doc says she can start exercising in one month.   She has done this chemo protocol in the past and she said she did well with it.  Hopefully I will see her in a month.  Thank you! (Daria client)


Sunna Miller So far so good with her back pain, being able to walk and work.  Thank you for your prayers! (Daria sis)


Mark Vandernagel Please pray for God's timing to get Mark into UCLA.  He fell again last week and suffered another concussion. He ordered a soft helmet to wear in the gym. He still comes to the gym and works out, he is determined!  (Daria)

Spiritual and Other Needs

Susie Hadfield is going to Houston next month and requests prayer for a qualified caregiver to help Robin Skone-Palmer while she is out of town.  

Evangelism We will be having VBS this summer, June 5-9, presenting Psalm 23 to the little people.  Upland's Team is ready to host this super-fun week for the first time since 2019.  

Military/Law Enforcement Deletions

1. Military: Samuel Roberson. Service completed.

2. Military: Tony Goldstrom. Retired.

3. Law Enforcement: Henry Hoffman. Retired.


Special addition to today's prayer list

 Natalia is being admitted to Summerlin pediatric hospital for monitoring.   For the last 48 hours she has not been able to keep anything down.   Vomiting and diarrhea.     They believe she has a virus (unknown at this point)   She has been throwing up so much her glucose levels are dropping a lot.   They do not want her going home so they can keep an eye on her progress.     Immediate prayer is for the vomiting and diarrhea to cease so her body can hydrate. 

Just FYI, today is her 5-year liver transplant anniversary.



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