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Get Well


Clare Sponheim (4 Mos) Baby Clare went to ER last night with bad cough and labored breathing. They gave her breathing treatments and did bloodwork. Results show she has RSV and rhinovirus.  (Sherry B's granddaughter)


Carey Willits He is having oral surgery today to have all of his teeth extracted. He is high risk because of his heart/lung issues. Please pray for no complications/ infection. Thank you so much. (Sherry Bingham's brother)

Patricia Olds Thank you for all your prayers! She had an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona 12/12/22 to meet with her medical team for more tests and is scheduled to start her radiation treatment on 12/28/22 for 10 days. The purpose is to kill the breast cancer that returned in her hips and spine. Please keep her in your prayers that the radiation will not harm her other organs and she can tolerate the pain and God's will be done in all things for her.  (Frances Cox's niece) 

Debi Shattuck She sees her doctor next Wednesday to go over blood work and cancer markers. She would like God's guidance in making decisions to continue with infusions and get a port or quit the whole treatment.  She really appreciates our prayers. (Daria)

Mark Vandernagel He has all the neurological tests and blood work finished.  Some of the blood tests are very rare and could take weeks for the neurologist to get back.  Please pray for clarity for the doctor and for a treatment plan that will give him back some muscle strength or at least stop the progression.  He is also very appreciative of our prayers. (Daria)


Joy Dotson Joyful is alive and well.  

Spiritual and Other Needs


Lisa Vanselow She is safe in Las Vegas. I have invited her to church.

UBC Evangelism Team is going to Child Haven this Saturday morning to present the Christmas Story to pre-schoolers and any other interested young people.



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